Strategy and Consulting

"Our strategy process defines clear objectives, research insights, personas and brand messaging, helping business to get closer to brand and enhance market reach."


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Digital Strategy

Digital is not just the trending word, It’s in the way we approach to achieve end results by adding value to you and your customer. We at Vrukshatech work closely with your teams across to understand the challenges and make your organization digital ready.

Our team of digital strategists and thinkers create an extensive approach to solve challenges by implementing digital solutions. e.g.: CRM Solutions for your customer, employee support app, etc….

We create a holistic and entire strategy with a blueprint of transformation which makes you to visualize your digital way forward using right set of tools.

We focus on understanding user personas, UI-UX strategy, user workflows, workshops and web strategy which improves customer and employee satisfaction.

Analytics, SEO

In the current world enormous amount of data gets generated every sec from various source devices which is not so easy for customers to make decision, We at vrukshatech deploy right set of tools and people to understand the data and give you insights for your area of expertise and strengthen your online, social media and brand presence.

We cross leverage various platforms and open source solutions and generate different types of outputs and views to give you best view of your data. E.g.: ecommerce sales view, sales pipeline view and ecommerce user approach.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is always an ongoing exercise in strengthening your presence for keywords search on the search engines. Likewise, Social Media Optimization (SMO) is also an approach to strengthen your presence on social media which helps to gain organic traffic making your business to reap results.

We at vrukshatech work with your incumbent or third party teams in getting right set of inputs and solutions for making SEO possible in all ways with collaborative approach.


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Content Strategy

As the saying goes “Content is King”. Fresh and Good content is what makes business a strong differentiator in giving confidence for customers to buy in this connected world.

We at Vrukshatech have rich language experts and content specialists who are experienced in crafting a new content for various businesses, based on market research which is a game changer.

We design content for your proposals, business portfolios, social media, business presentations and marketing modules.

We approach based on demographics, geographies, customer niche to target your customer and influencing them in buying process and confidence.

User Experience

User experience has gained more prominence in recent days, at vrukshatech we believe to deliver best possible user experience strategy for your requirements using our customer centric approach.

Our UI and UX experts are well experienced, certified in understanding user needs, actions which exceptionally adds value to deliver best user experience.

Our experts work with your champions which helps us to understand your expertise business and we always believe in collaborative approach to create best ‘wow’ effect for your customers.

Our user experience strategy is always a core part in design, development and support.


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