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"We just don't offer normal support, our expert support workforce and delivery engine are tightly coupled to the core ready to make your support journey awesome. Our proficiency in providing true and loving service is our motive."


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IT Infra Support

Investing in right IT infra enables your business to support your operations and capable to handle your business goals, our service is motivated on managing your IT Infrastructure and ensuring the highest levels on availability of your business applications to function without interruption. Service options are customized to include different infrastructure elements and levels of availability required.

IT Infra plays a vital role to enable the delivery in getting aligned to the timelines. Vrukshatech aims at providing an exceptional, consistent IT Support service to its customers.

We work with various companies on various levels, Regardless of whether you are in Admin, you are the IT Manager, you own the business, you are the Personal Assistant to the MD or CIO, or you are the CIO, we speak your language.

Cloud Support

Cloud is a new way of Data Center IT Infrastructure which is not only limited to enterprises or IT organizations, it is also best thing for Start-ups and SME’s.

Cloud has helped organizations to achieve cost savings without any impact on capacity, security and overhead costs this is really a boom for many organizations, hence many organizations are already migrating to cloud.

Vrukshatech team is certified and capable of supporting you in migration to cloud and monitor your cloud assets by ensuring no impact on your business applications.

Using industry standard practices in migration, implementation and transition along with DevOps is what makes us difference in SME segments.


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App Support

Applications for any of business is part of core part of its operations, which technology landscape changing quickly it’s important for organizations to be ready for transformation without any impact.

We at vrukshatech are capable to deliver the application support for on premise and cloud support with different service level’s.

We do provide scalable and flexible solutions adapt the right tools and methodologies to optimize resources and still give a great experience.

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